Grub Control

So You Need Grub Control?

The decision that you make about whether to include grub control in your annual turf program is an important one. It is one that should not be made without the facts. To get the lowdown on grub control check out my March 2013 blog at: Turfscape Talks. As in all decisions that affect your lawn and your lawn care budget, we seek to educate our clients and prospective clients so that they can make an informed decision. This not only helps you control your lawn care budget, but gives you the ability to set reasonable expectations for how your lawn will look.

As with all of our services, you can count on the professionals at Turfscape to make an accurate and even grub control application. We use premium products to control grubs, usually Merit (imidicloprid), which offers season long grub control. Remember, the success of the grub control application will always depend upon your ability to water the product in. If you do not have an automatic irrigation system you must pull out your hose-end sprinkler.

Should you decide to forego grub control in your lawn care program, keep in mind that there will eventually come a time when grubs will cause significant damage to your lawn. It may take years, but the time will come when you will need to replant the bare earth that a damaging grub infestation has left. Call today! We are always happy to speak to you directly. Or fill out the contact form below to ask a question or schedule an on-site appointment with a Turfscape turf care professional.