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Lawn Fertilization Programs
Owners of the finest lawns have irrigation systems installed by our Ann Arbor lawn service because Nature cannot be relied upon to deliver the proper amount of water to your lawn in a timely manner. Turfscape’s 6-application program is designed for lawns that have properly controlled irrigation systems (see our “Watering 101� article on the “Professional Advice� page). This program delivers the precise amount of nutrients that turf grass needs throughout the growing season in our region of Michigan. Our Ann Arbor lawn care applies properly timed, professionally formulated, slow release fertilizer and weed control applications that will “spoon feed� smaller amounts of fertilizer more often. The fact that we are using slow release nitrogen for these applications means that a steady, consistent source of this macro-nutrient is available to your lawn, promoting the healthiest plant possible. Further, because we are on your property six times, we can better monitor and identify any disease or insect problems in their earliest stages, possibly saving you money by eliminating costly renovation. Because this program makes lawns so distinctly superior

Our 5-application program is suited for lawns that may rely on natural rainfall. It takes into account the probability of at least several weeks of turf dormancy in mid-summer. This time your lawn spends in a dormant state will reduce its sum total need for nutrients. This program may also be considered sensible for people who do irrigate their lawns, but prefer a more affordable program. We offer a Weed Free Guarantee when you purchase either a 5 or 6-application program. Both of these programs include free service visits if you should need additional spot treatments to control weeds (at any point after your 4th application). We stand behind the promise to make your lawn Weed Free!

Our 4-application program is our most basic service plan. It is designed to offer a minimum amount of fertilizer and basic weed control to large, minimally managed lawns and fields. With this program you will also not have to settle for landscapes dotted by dandelions in the spring. It will also help desirable turfgrass win the fight against other broadleaf and grassy weeds that would otherwise crowd them out. Although this program does not qualify for our Weed Free Guarantee, you will be surprised at the level of weed control that we can achieve.

As Ann Arbor landscaping specialists, we do suggest adding preventative grub control to any of these programs since the level of this pest’s activity in our local area is high and unpredictable. When you commit to grub control as part of your regular program, it allows us to apply Merit in the summer months. Merit is a more effective and environmentally friendly material that will remain effective protecting your turf through the fall as grubs grow and feed. Should you instead opt for a curative approach and wait until fall to determine if grubs are indeed at an actionable threshold in your lawn, we must treat the lawn with an organophosphate insecticide. This will achieve lesser control, and you can also plan for turf renovation to repair the damage that the insects have inflicted.